The Nonprofit Pooled Trust

Securing your family’s future, benefiting the disadvantaged

The Nonprofit Pooled Trust is a special type of trust. It allows you to become financially eligible for public assistance benefits, including Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), while preserving your financial resources.

Without the Trust, those resources could disqualify you for the benefits. Or, you could be required to spend down those resources before receiving benefits. With the Trust, you can qualify for full assistance, and use funds from the Trust to cover your supplemental or special needs.

This all is possible by pooling your trust funds with other individuals in association with your chosen, sanctioned nonprofit group  to benefit people who are elderly or have special needs


❒ Elderly persons who have become infirm.

❒ Nursing home residents or soon-to-be nursing home residents.

❒ Recipients of government benefit programs.

❒ Applicants for government benefit programs.

❒ Recipients of personal injury settlements who need to apply for, or protect, government benefits.

❒ Organizations wishing to dedicate proceeds on their Pooled Trust funds to a particular charity.

❒ The beneficiary must be disabled as defined by law. For purposes of the Trust, “disabled” typically includes age-related infirmities.

❒ The assets going into the beneficiary’s Trust account must belong to the individual beneficiary.

❒ The Trust account may only be established by a parent, a grandparent, the individual beneficiary, a legal guardian, or by a Court.

❒ Each Trust account must be established solely for the benefit of the individual beneficiary. 

❒ Geriatric Care Services.

❒ Supplemental Nursing Care.

❒ Differentials in housing costs between shared and private rooms in institutional settings.

❒ Medical procedures not provided through government assistance.

❒ Travel expenses.

❒ Entertainment.

❒ Guardian fees.

❒ Attorneys fees.

❒ Any other expense not provided by government assistance programs.


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