after enrollment

After Enrollment

What to Expect After Enrollment in the Nonprofit Pooled Trust

Shortly after enrolling in the Nonprofit Pooled Trust, you will receive a packet of documents from The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc.

Included will be some important notices, explanations, an Income and Expense Questionnaire, and a Trust Distribution Request form.

Please carefully review all these documents. They are presented here in digital form for your convenience.

Timeliness matters!

Please immediately upon receipt, read the Important Notice About Your Trust Assets document, and complete and return the Income and Expense Questionnaire. The Center will use this form to calculate how much of your Trust should be maintained in liquid assets, to process expected regular monthly payments. Without your input, a default setup will be used, which may not be optimal.

At any time, you may use the Trust Distribution Request to send claims for allowable expenses. Be sure to read the accompanying Important Notice About Distributions and Explanation on Requesting Distributions documents first.

If you have further questions, please use the buttons below to contact attorney Richard Meyer at R. F. Meyer & Associates (link below), or personnel at The Center.


Important Notice About Your Trust Assets
Income and Expense Questionnaire
Important Notice About Distributions
Explanation on Requesting Distributions
Important Notice to Trust Beneficiaries
Notice of Trustee Intent to Delegate
Trustee Fee Schedule
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