Welcome to the Non-Profit Pooled Trust

The Non-Profit Pooled Trust is a special type of trust that allows someone to become financially eligible for public assistance benefits while preserving their resources in trust for supplemental needs. The benefits of joining a pooled trust is that beneficiaries can receive the public benefits that meet their basic needs while maintaining a supplemental fund that is available to meet their special or supplemental needs which are not provided by public benefits.

Who can benefit from the Non-Profit Pooled Trust?

  • Elderly persons who have become infirm
  • Nursing home residents or son-to-be nursing home residents
  • Recipients of government benefit programs
  • Applicants for government benefit programs
  • Recipients of personal injury settlements who need to apply for, or protect, government benefits

What are the basic requirements for joining the Trust?

  • The beneficiary must be disabled as defined by law. For purposes of the Trust, “disabled” typically includes age-related infirmities.
  • The assets going into the beneficiary’s Trust account must belong to the individual beneficiary.
  • The Trust account may only be established by a parent, a grandparent, the individual beneficiary, a legal guardian, or by a Court.
  • Each Trust account must be established solely for the benefit of the individual beneficiary.

How can funds be used?

  • Geriatric Care Services
  • Supplemental Nursing Care
  • Differentials in housing costs between shared and private rooms in institutional settings
  • Medical procedures not provided through government assistance
  • Travel Expenses
  • Entertainment
  • Guardian Fees
  • Attorneys Fees
  • Any other expense not provided by government assistance programs